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What's Your Style Flavor?

December 26, 2017



Ever wonder what ice-cream flavor your style would be if you had to pick one?  Better yet, what flavor would your friends choose to represent your style?  Yikes.


Are you a Basics kinda gal? (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry). Maybe you appreciate the Basics, but like to add your own flava' by accessorizing? (Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Butter Pecan) Or maybe you do your own thang and mix it up however you gosh-darn please! (Caramel Balsamic Swirl, Curry and Mint, Brown Butter Bacon) Yes those are actual flavors!! (Yum)


Ok, are we talking ice-cream or fashion here?  Maybe a little of both?  The blog title should explain my 'pretty-bird' mentality of discussing everything I find beautiful, or at least interesting, or weird?


To all my Vanilla flavors out there... be vanilla and be proud of your very specific, simplistic taste.  (See what I did there??)   It's a beautiful thing to see women rock their very vanilla style.  Trust me, you can still stand out among other vanilla's of the world, I promise.  'Breyers Vanilla Bean' holds no comparison to other vanilla ice-cream brands in my personal opinion.  If you dig your vanilla style and it seems to fit you well... continue on my friend.


But what about you vanilla flavors that want to step outside the Basics, but don't know how?  I simple say... "add the chunks!"  Yeah, you heard me, add some chunks to your ice-cream.  The chunks are Accessories!  Rock your basics and throw in long necklaces or short ones if that's too much?  If you always wear stud earrings, try a simple dangle earring and a belt.  You would be amazed at what a belt can do!  If that even seems scary to you, try tucking in a corner of your blouse or tee and let people see you do have a waistline?!  Baby steps, but just stretch yourself.


Ok, so you already have 'the chunks' in your style but instead of feeling like ice-cream, you feel like curdled milk.  Not the chunks you were going for.  Accessorizing doesn't scare you, but now it's time for mixing patterns.  This is of course only if you want to mix it up, crave a change, or need some inspiration for your outfits.  You have the chunks, but lets focus on the flavor.  Do you always stick to your black boots when wearing your black skinnies?  Switch it up.  Try a nice camel, leather bootie or a velvet slipper.  Just do something opposite of what you would normally do.  It feels weird, I know, but this is how you stretch your style; little by little.  Throw on a striped sweater over your plaid button-down.  Mix those flavors up.

 Alright, all of you eccentric, mint curry flavors; well done.  You express your bubbling, creative, wild or possibly even dark personality through your style.  Why settle for safe flavors when your can create your own?  You never know what you'll get.  It could be a hit or miss in the so-called "fashion world" but you really don't care.  Dressing unique is what really creams your milk.  (haha. I had to.) Offering style advice to you is like telling a kid how many calories is in their Ben and Jerry's.


So what's your flavor?


Maybe different days, months or years you could be any one of these.  I personally have gone from Brown Butter Bacon to a very mild, (no strawberry chunks) Strawberry ice-cream.  I'm kind of bored with it to be honest, so I decided I want to start stretching myself to that Goat Cheddar Ice Cream Sundae that sounds so delicious and appetizing right now.  We change, so should our styles.


Now go, and over analyze your flavor and all of your friends' flavors!


Prone To Wander,




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